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Zakład Izolatorów Elektrotechnicznych Boplast Sp. z o.o. is the Polish market leader in the production of insulation from cast epoxy resins since 1960. The manufactured products are used in devices and power equipments in the country and abroad. Boplast Sp. z o.o. also has mechanical workshop, which produced metal details in the technology of forming and mechanical processing. The quality of our products provide relevant certificats and test evidence and admissions. Since 1997 the plant has a quality management system.

At present we offer a wide range of products are including:

  • post insulators from 0,2 kV to 42 kV
  • post – capacitive insulators from 7,2 kV to 42 kV
  • bushing insulators from 7,2 kV to 42 kV
  • protective insulators from 7,2 kV to 42 kV
  • special isolators
  • voltage indicator and voltage indicator with interlock
  • insulating elements from thermoplastic materials
  • metal details for electrical apparatus and MV switchgears.
  • We have an ability to design and manufacture our products under the special requirements of the customer.

    Boplast Sp. z o.o. also deals with the provision of services related to metalworking, metal forming and welding. We specialize in producing the highest quality components for electrical apparatus and switchgears for energetics. Commissioned parts are made in conjunction with silvering, galvanizing zinc-plating, hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating. We specialize also in the production of components of the main contacts. We produce main parts for the electric apparatus, driving elements and components for them. The company employs staff are experienced in production. The technology of the production, through the purchase of CNC machine tools, allowed a substantial increase in the quality of manufactured parts.

    We invite you to cooperation, with the conviction that our many years of experience and qualification guarantees a reliable and competent service.

    Zakład Izolatorów Elektrotechnicznych Boplast Sp. z o.o.

    street B. Krzywoustego 1, 84-300 Lębork, Poland

    Telephone: +48 59 86 201 86
                         +48 59 86 267 74

    Fax: +48 59 86 201 86
            +48 59 86 267 74

    NIP: 8411646771

    REGON: 220324583

    KRS: 0000273755

    BDO: 000011790


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